Bharat Cuplock System

     This is a multi purpose system which is used for plastering, support structures, for lift machines (Hoist) etc. This system can be erected for straight circular and also curved structures. This system has horizontal and vertical member. Horizontal members is locked to vertical member are os malleable cast iron and pipes used are of 40 NB pipe, forged blades are welded on both corners.


Horizontals have identical forged blade ends with minimum of projection to avoid damage. Each component located in the cup joints on the vertical.


Product Code Length c/c Weight
T905 2.0m 6.8kg
T906 1.2m 4.0kg
T907 1.5M 5.0kg

Note : Pipe as per BS 4360 N.B.M.S Pipe OD 43mm, Wall thickness 2.9 mm, Weight 3.25 kg/m forged blade grade '2'other side. As per requirement Adjustable horizontals are tailor made.


300 mm long for making vertical connections. These spigots are drilled in two places to receive locking pins/ spigot pin.


Product Code Length Weight
T914 0.3m 0.8kg


Verticals are provided in fout basic sizes with cup joints welded at 500mm, intervals. The captive top cups are of malleable casting to endure rough site handling, and welded bottom cups are pressed from high-quality steel.

Product Code Length Weight
T901 3.0m 14.97 kg
T902 2.5m 12.97 kg
T903 2.0m 10.00 kg
T904 1.5m 7.4 kg

Note: Pipe as per BS 4300/is 1161-40 N.N Class – 'B'O.D. 48.3 mm , Wall thickness 3.25; wt. 3.61 kg./m, as per grade YST-22/24, tolerance as per I.S.I

Top Cup – Malleable case iron 3 lug./4 lug.
Bottom Cup – Made out of 4mm press metal.

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